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The MK5Kit

Already 3D printers are fastly becoming items that are thrown away as freely as plastic bottles. Not only does this unit help stop plastic waste, it also helps us look at our aging technology as new viable forms of functions. Thus giving a new life and purpose. 

The Recreator 3D MK5Kit was made to be a universal solution for the use of most standard aluminum extrusions i3 style fdm printers. With the over saturation of the market, the Ender 3 is one of the most used printers within the community. With it being the most affordable option as a 3D printer; most new users become discouraged, and easily send their slightly used printer back to Amazon. These units are easier to be sold at a discount, then they are to be repaired and resold for very little profit. The printer becomes an inexpensive throw away or easily resold for a very low price if not given as a gift.

The Recreator 3D - Mk5Kit: Ender 3 is one of the cheapest options available for PET#1 pultrusion for 3D printing filament. It’s method of pultrusion is not a 100% solution to ending plastic waste, but is the easiest way to reclaim waste as usable filament.

For under $220 these units can be created by average people and turn homes into small recycling centers as well manufacturers among 3D printing.

It’s been a while in the making...but I’m finally pleased with the results. Recreator 3D MK5 Kit: Ender 3 Pro (Ender 3 and Silent boards as well) 

Shout out to Nick Jones

With his dedication in 2021-2022…he has helped to financially jump start the development of MK5KIT Ender 3. He’s contributed massively to the MK3 Firmware as well as ways for improving design through initial development.

The Recreator 3D - MK5Kit : Ender 3 - Build Video:

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