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Turn PET#1 Plastic bottles into 3D Filament with The Recreator 3D:
a DIY 3D Printed Build Kit; with the idea to
salvage older 3D Printers from e-waste
and give them a new form of life, as a PET#1 Pultrusion Unit!

Soon to offer the MK6 Fun Size in KIT Form for other builders!

A viable DIY recycled solution for high temp filament that is both weather and heat resistant!
A great competitor to commercially manufactured high grade filaments.

The Recreator 3D MK5Kit Ender 3 PET1 Pultrusion Unit

With the help of the following Sponsors, and The Recreator 3D were able to get to ERRF2023!

Beyond grateful and humbled, Thank You!

Thanks for all the amazing support!

"Love printing with pet as it was much easier than 
expected and doesn’t seem to warp as much or at all so far. 
The recreator is hands down the best puller I’ve done 
and I’ve tried 3 others before finding it." 

Christopher Whitcomb - Facebook Member

Find out how our adventure to ERRF2022 went!
As well so much more from 2022 in our
Year in Review article here!!!

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Make the world a better place! 

Dream It...Print it... 
Change the World! 

established 2015
by Joshua R. Taylor

If rumors are true...Keep your eyes open for 
MAKE Magazine Volume 86

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With a humbled and beyond grateful Thank You!
With the help of the following Sponsors, and The Recreator 3D were able to get to ERRF2022!

Thanks for all the amazing support!

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