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With a humbled and beyond grateful Thank You, with the help of the following Sponsors... and The Recreator 3D...

Will see you at ERRF2022!

Swing by and Say Hi!

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Your contributions will get me to ERRF

$100+ USD PayPal Donations will be Sponsors,
I will help promote you socially during my trip!

Other amounts are welcome and appreciated!

(Please leave your information in the notes)

Donations are sent to my travel planner Yvette Taylor


Some Info:



I'm Josh from


- I've spent the last year working on this awesome project called

The Recreator 3D. A PET#1 Pultrusion Unit; which creates homemade DIY

3D printer filament from most standard plastic PET#1 bottles.

It'll be my first ERRF and 3D Convention Ever! 

I want to come prepared and ready to demo!

I have planned 2, 6 hour drives to get there and back.

I have Tickets and a standard Table secured. 

Though I will likely share a Sponsored table 
with Jason @ LDO Motors as my main Sponsor. 

I have a Hotel Room secured.

I am preparing as much as possible. 

I plan to bring the following...:

- The Recreator 3D MK3Pro
- The Recreator 3D MK5Kit 
- The XViCO X3S (the printer kit used for the MK3Pro) 
to 3D Print Samples of PET#1 that I plan to pull while demoing.
- The Community Bottle Cutter, the PBACC Tool and The Community Bottle Drier.
- 40+ Bottles, enough to last the weekend.
- A Monitor showing off all YouTube and Community Content. 
- A Captain Recreator Statue among varying samples and information
about everything The Recreator 3D has to offer!
- PET#1 Sample Filament and PET#1 Keychains as giveaways!

Now...I just need your help!

I look forward to seeing you all at ERRF!

Please make sure to swing by, say hi and ask me all about what

The Recreator 3D has to offer!

- Josh


PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Donations are sent

to my travel planner Yvette Taylor

@ was established in 2015 by Joshua R. Taylor

with one goal in mind,

To make the world a better place! 

Dream It...Print it... 
Change the World!

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PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Donations are sent

to my travel planner Yvette Taylor


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