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Help Reinvent Recycling: Lets ReShape a Better Future, Together!

Your contributions matter!

They help fuel Recreator3D's innovations;
forging a path to minimize waste and Repurpose it effectively,
vital steps in curbing the escalating global carbon footprint.

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With The Recreator3D;

you can Recycle PET#1 plastic bottles into high-quality DIY 3D filament that matches, 

if not exceeds the performance of commercial-grade (PETG, ABS, and ASA).

Easily Reutilize waste directly from

your home recycling bin and start Recreating!

The Recreator3D is a low-cost DIY Pultrusion Project; tailored to upcycle aging

and salvaged 3D printer parts you're already acquainted with, empowering you

to construct your very own pultrusion unit.

Help reshape our future's recycling methods, one bottle at a time!

Reduce, Reuse, Recreate…with The Recreator 3D!

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What is Pultrusion? 

Pultrusion is a continuous process

of manufacturing fiber plastics. 


The term combining

"pull" and "extrusion".

As opposed to extrusion;

which pushes the material,

pultrusion pulls the material.

How Strong is Recycled  PET1 from plastic bottles?




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Sugguested Recreator3D DIY Builds

Below you'll find our most currently supported and sugguested

DIY Recreator3D Pultrusion Builds.

The MK5Kit: Ender 3 and The MK6: Fun Size


MK5Kit: Ender 3

  • Utilizing the Ender 3 proved to be one of the best and simplest methods to kickstart PET Pultrusion.

  • If you've been 3D printing for just a year, you likely already grasp most of the necessary concepts.

  • The Ender 3 operates with just one motor, adhering to basic printer principles without necessitating firmware adjustments.

  • The MK5Kit Spooler boasts a Dual-Geared Single Motor, rendering it one of the sturdier spooler available in the collection.

MK6: Fun Size

  • About 40% of our community wanted a cost-effective kit for easy access. We're aiming to provide a one-stop-shop experience for enthusiasts 

    (NOTE: small parts kits are still currently in development - but the project is still free and currently available - BOM List is in the Written Notes).

  • At 1/3rd the size of the MK5 and 3x faster - The Spooler evolved from MK4 Mini, now with a Dual Dualed-Geared single motor for even more robust and faster pull speeds.

  • We focused on a compact build volume matching Ender 2 Pro's dimensions (165 x 165 x 180 mm) for printing simplicity.

  • MK6 uses specific 12Volt parts for the targeted build size, rather than a salvaged Ender 3's 24Volt. Users with an Ender 3 or other printers should consider MK5:Kit.


Josh @JRT3D

Joshua R. Taylor

     I advocate for providing affordable avenues for individuals to repurpose their waste into new creations. Empowering people from the start with easy solutions and a fun long lasting educational experience.


     By keeping plastics within consumers' households; we halt their emission journey right at our doorstep, preventing further environmental harm. Otherwise plastics can venture beyond; risking detrimental impacts such as burning or marine pollution, instead of being effectively recycled and reused.


     To mend a broken system, we must fundamentally shift the paradigm.

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When I'm not pultruding my own DIY filament from plastic bottles, I'm shopping with...


BUY Recycled!

GreenGate's USA in-house produced 
filament is created from recycled plastic bags! 

Emerald: Recycled PET-G by GreenGate3D


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