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Why choose The Recreator 3D Brand over another?

Versatile Printer Upgrades

  • With a variety of builds to choose; from The MK3Lite, MK3Pro, MK5Kit: Ender 3 (expandable for a variety of 3D printer boards and LCDs), and the MK6 Fun Size (our DIY small parts kit form). Other build options show The Recreator 3D as an Add-On Function to most standard 3D printers by adding JST connections to your current printer.

E-Waste Reuse

  • The Recreator 3D has goals on sustainability, reusing printer parts deemed to be

e-waste into a new form of function. While also using our PET1 plastic waste and keeping its carbon footprint from leaving our households. 

Personalized Printer Style

  • Created with 3D Printing in mind. Keeping the printed parts in the users hands; making the unit more customizable to their desires and aesthetically matching most standard 3D printers. The Recreator 3D will easily blend in with your current family and personality. 

User-Friendly Customizable

  • Using a Creality 4.2.2 board; our operation is nearly silent!  

The board is vastly known in the industry and the installation of the electronics is very basic. A very user friendly and easy to use  “Plug and Play” experience. 


There is no need to alter the Stock Creality Ender 4.2.2 firmware; Our pultrusion techniques focus on standard gcode, keeping the Pultrusion process easy and familiar.

With Marlin experience, both firmware and gcode can be easily customizable to preferences of an advanced user. This is a great option for users who plan to expand and modify their units. 


Easy to implement Firmware updates by users via SD card and .bin Firmware files. With this it makes The Recreator 3D boundless, not just stuck to the basic functionalities most other pultrusion units have limited access to. 

Expanding Community Engagement

  • A vastly expanding friendly Community featured on both Facebook and Discord. 24/7 Active Admins, Mods, and Senior Recreators. All ready to help you start learning pultrusion and Recreating today!

by Industry Leaders

  • Sponsored by Amazing people who do amazing things! Sliceworx, Joel Telling the 3D Printing Nerd, Bryan Vines of BV3D, LuBan3D, XViCO, Chris’ Basement, 3DPrinty, CNC-Kitchen, LDO Motors, Conscious Technologies, Printcepts, Always Tinkering, Shaka International LLC, Alien3D, and Tectonitor

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