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Welcome to the Quick Start Page!

While here; you'll find a vast wealth of information about
The Recreator 3D and The PET1 Pultrusion process. 

Please take some time to read through the written documents to your right and the videos below
shared on this page.

We put a good amount of time and effort into these
- in order to get you started and Happily Recreating with ease!

It will ensure that your experience is 100% most enjoyable

and educate you into a PET Pultrusion Expert!

The Recreator 3D :


Discover the Best Techniques for Cleaning PET#1 Bottles.

Follow and learn what tools, solvents, and other tips we suggest along the way.

Practicing these suggestions will ensure the best method for cleaning your bottles, which will give you a clean product among your pultrusion yields thus giving you clean prints. 

The Recreator 3D :
Plastic Bottle Expansion
and Smoothing


Master the Techniques for
Expanding and Smoothing PET#1 Bottles
for The Recreator 3D Pultrusion Unit

Follow along to see the best suggested methods as well what tools we use. 

Expansion can be very crucial technique to master for reforming odd shaped bottles.

The Recreator 3D :
How to use The Community Bottle Cutter to Strip Plastic Bottles 


Learn How to Build a Community Bottle Cutter and Turn PET#1 Plastic Bottles into Stunning Creations!

Follow this tutorial on how to build and use your community bottle cutter. Watch until the end to see our best suggested techniques!

The Recreator 3D : 
How to to load
The Recreator 3D


Learn How to start Loading

The Recreator 3D for pultrusion.

Follow these easy
and suggested steps for

the best method to load your heat block

and latching into the spooler.

The Recreator 3D : 
The Recreator 3D

Watch the Demo of The Recreator 3D - MK1, our first pultrusion unit! 

Showing off how we intended it to be portable for easy transportion. 

Watch how we load it, temp it, and pultrude 
- along with a quick print!

The Recreator 3D :
How strong is
PET Bottle Filament?


Learn from Stefan at CNC Kitchen!

Stefan explains the benefits of

PET#1 3D Filament and it's print abilities.

Check out his video to the left

or his written article below!

Solve our Other Problem!
Shredding bottle tops, bottoms, and other waste...


The Ultimate DIY Plastic Shredder!
Recycle failed prints and waste with this exclusive DIYCHEN Shredder!

Learn how to continue how we can further reduce our own created waste and what other efforts we're working with along extrusion. 

PET Bottle Recycling:
Waste to 3D Printing Filament

"PET Bottles are everywhere, but did you know that you could recycle them into 3D printing filament and this at home!


Let me show you how I used the parts of an old Ender-3 to build a filament maker out of it.


I also tested the strength of this material, which can even be improved by a trick!"

- Stefan @ CNC Kitchen

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