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The MK6: Fun Size

Welcome to the Recreator 3D MK6: Fun Size Build

     The Recreator 3D; A PET#1 filament pultruder unit, strips and converts soda bottles into usable 3D printing filament. With drive from the community, we've reduced the MK5Kit, into the MK6: Fun Size.

     With the MK6, we've reduced the size to 1/3rd and made it even twice more powerful.
Reducing the size requires it's own set of suggested build materials (12Volt Requirements)

     Going through the start of the written manual you’ll find the information on all the parts and tools you’ll need to buy or print in order to build the MK6: Fun Size.

     Please follow along and shortly you’ll be Recreating your own filament from Soda Bottles!

Also please consider joining the Facebook and or Discord group; where there is constant activity among The Recreator 3D users and interactions with the creator for future inspirations towards the unit, where we can further go down the road with new methods of recycling.




MK6 : FUN SIZE - How to DIY Build Video

Written Build Notes ...

STL Files to Print ...


gCode for SD Card

Operations Manual ...

( Manual for MK3 )

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