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The Recreator 3D - MK6: Fun Size Parts Kit


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MK6 Small Parts Kit Pre-Order List

(coming sometime sooner or later in 2024!)

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The Recreator 3D MK6 Fun Size is ready as a Small Parts Kit.

Everything you need to get started building.

Easy to follow written notes with easy to understand visuals.

Currently a live build video is available and a shorter build video is in the works. 


Printed parts are not included and are to be printed by the builder.

This allows for customization to your personality and décor. 


The Recreator 3D MK6 Fun Size Small Parts Kit

comes packaged in a box with everything shown below.

You'll be able to build a Community Bottle Cutter

as well the MK6 Fun Size Pultrusion unit.

One of the smallest builds in the community

and weighing just around 3 pounds.

Easy to bring on the road or keep stored away.


small parts below are visual mockup of what you well receive 

small parts mk6.jpg

We've include most of the main tools you'll need to get started with the build.


You'll be able to make more than just one bottle cutter

once you learn our method for sharpening bearings.


a finished community cutter is not included - but the tools are included for you to fabricate your own


You'll find our Live build video filled with extensive amount of knowledge.

We take our time to go over the notes as well go over some questions and answers.


A shorter build video is in the works that will match

the written notes so you can follow along. 

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