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3D Printing for Plant Science                 July 23, 2023

Updated: Apr 12

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3D Printing for Plant Science: 

Design to Optimize 

Organized by: Mason McNair

Sunday, July, 23

ALL DAY 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Boise, Idaho

Enter and learn more about the workshop

3D Printing for Plant Science: Design to Optimize Abstract

The methods used to collect data vary greatly between different research programs. Standardized equipment rarely accounts for nuances relating to study system or resource limitations, creating a need for inexpensive, custom solutions. Bespoke equipment has historically been limited to well-funded research programs, but advances in 3D printing are making it possible for nearly all labs to design and manufacture their own research tools using the current generation of inexpensive and reliable printers.

The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate the problem-solving potential of open-source hardware and 3D printing for plant scientists. 3D printing facilitates the adoption of custom equipment that can increase the rate and quality of data collection.

3D printing in plant sciences is a relatively new subfield, but it is rapidly growing. Multiple peer-reviewed articles outlining potential uses of 3D printing in the sciences exist, but relatively few involve plant sciences.

To introduce and promote 3D printing in the plant sciences, this workshop is part of a series of in-person and online workshops that guide researchers through the process of designing custom tools for their research questions, setting up and using 3D printers, and performing maintenance on their machines. 

While the organizers will not receive any benefits from 3D printing companies or suppliers through this workshop, we will be contacting 3D printing companies and suppliers to request discount codes, supplies, and assistance in creating workshop teaching materials to give to participants and offset workshop costs.

3D printing can positively impact plant science research and is worth adopting as part of your research methods. This workshop aims to provide participants with the knowledge needed to successfully incorporate 3D printing into their research.

Organizer:Mason McNair, Clemson University,

Thank you to our participants of the 1st 3D Printing for Plant Science Workshop #Botany2023 I loved meeting, teaching, and learning today with all of you! 

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