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M3D Quad Owners

Mods for Sale

Heat Block Sock

Orders Taken and Fulfilled by Travis Bailey


     Designed, Hand Crafted and Molded for the Quad Fusion's Heat Block. 

     The Heat Sock is used to eliminate heat variations on The Heat Block, keep filament build up off The Heat Blocks and to protect your Heat Shrouds and fingers from melting and burning up.



$6 Heat Sock
+ $6 Shipping


US Sales Only!

For International Orders Please Contact Travis @ 

Gen 3 Motors


           PTFE Inserts 

Orders Taken and Fulfilled by Marcel Rivard


Pricing is planned to be $25 for a 3 Pack including US shipping. We'll see what we can work out for international... I figure by the 3Pack is about right for most people and balances off the shipping costs ($4 for first class pkg).

These inserts are slightly different than the originals:

- smaller tube 1.85mm with top chamfered out to 2mm.

- slightly longer (about .1mm longer)

This first batch Isn't quite "perfect" for some reason,

I'm getting a slight twist in the tubes... I'll work on that. They still work great though..

Best way I've found to install them is to put both the ptfe insert and the aluminum insert on a 1.85mm rod and insert into the nozzle.


Align the tabs to be parallel to the flats of the nozzle and remove the rod.


I also use the rod to clear blockages.. heat the rod with a heat gun to about 250°C and push the plastic through the insert.


3-up $25

US Sales Only!

For International Orders Please Contact Marcel @

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