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Xvico X3S 3D Printer Review


        XViCO’s new X3S 3D Printer is everything that a 3D Printer should be!
Amazingly Packaged. Easy and Fast Assembly. Easy Directions. Great Prints!

        XViCO has done an excellent job of listening to customer care; as well to see what updates customers were doing and introduced us to the X3S.

        It’s hard to not compare this unit to its former, the X3, as this is more or less the same frame, but with upgraded parts and materials. A little Slimmer and Taller in Frame Structure; with a cleaner look and feel.

        The X3S took under 20 minutes to unbox, build and have printing! With literally 3 easy steps and one of the easiest to read Quick Setup Guides I’ve ever read. The X3S is the last thing from a Build-It-Yourself Kit that the X3 came in, which took 2 hours to build. The X3S Quick Setup Guide is as easy as 1...2...3 Steps. That Includes 4 Bolts, Some Basic Easy to Follow Wiring, Run your Bed Leveling Procedure and start slicing your model to gcode with Cura!











        One of the main things I didn’t know how I felt at first, was the wire array that is on the side of the unit. This helps the users easily get the unit wired without much effort, with the main aim to avoid interaction with the driverboard. I inspected the new board as well the new power supply and these are great enhancements over the previous model. Unlike the X3, the X3S comes with a bottom enclosure to keep the board and power supply enclosed and safe. This was a muchly desired safety feature.

        The X3S comes with a Heated Bed as a standard feature, rather than an upgrade. The wiring is nice and secured upon inspection. The textured glass is great for holding down the print without need of adhesive materials at temp and releases when cool. The bed springs are the industrial grade for best tension and are far superior than what was previously used. With this in mind, the knobs that most previous owners complained about, work perfect with the better tension with the higher grade springs.







        The hotend is a new version more inline with community standards of similarity to a Creality Ender Printers, the MK8. This more robust hotend allows for more common style heat block sock to be used. This is great for keeping the high temps of the block away from the print among keeping your fingers a bit safer with operation. 



        The control LCD is now on the front, with a curved enclosed front face that feels very elegant and just perfect. The touch interface is very responsive and the architecture of the features are fluid and easy to follow. The screen is a little small, but the nicely laid out interface makes up for the size.










        The X3S also allows for USB control this time around. This was a much desired request. Though I have grown common to using the SD Card with my X3 and it has carried over to my X3S. The Added USB control is a very welcome advantage to staying tethered while you print if you would rather drive your printer via computer rather than onboard LCD interface.

        The Power Button has also been moved from the former front of the unit to the Side of the unit on the X3S...A VERY big request and complaint among users of the X3, mainly due to ease of shutting this unit off while in use. Children can be the devil with idle hands. The X3S fixes that!









        Due to this being more of a mechanical/electrical Upgrade from the former model, I was able to use all my previous slicer settings that I created in Cura for the X3. This was very nice as I was able to just change the profile for a heated bed and print out of the box without issue. For new users, these profiles can be easily found in user groups on Facebook. Though XViCO Includes everything you need on their supplied SD card.


        Among my first general tests I noticed the lead screw was unlubricated. This caused high tension in the lift among an ear clenching screech. After applying some tube lube and running the gantry up and down a couple times...the screeching went away. I also noticed my Lead Screw should be a bit better set, so I untightened that and reset it. Nothing major. In high speed Z lift, the screw did have a tendency to shake. So I installed a lead screw top mount, which I personally wish was included as I’ve had my own accidents bending this on other units.










        Of all things to complain about, this seems trivial and silly to me...I’ve never liked the supplied Filament holder that XViCO supplies, as more common are available with better fluidity in spin. Their model is blocky and though it works without much restriction, its best practice to have as much fluidity in your rolls to allow for best prints. I’ve always upgraded my filament holders with bearings and find this a better upgrade over all.





        I’ve now used the X3S for 90 hours. I have Printed using XViCO Rainbow Colored PLA 1.75mm filament and it has been producing very great prints. I have also tried Hatchbox PLA as well as Sunlu PETG. So far all Filament Types have been great success and ease.








        Overall I’m very happy with the decision I made to give the X3S a chance over the X3. It will soon become my Go-To Printer as it’s very convenient and easy to work with.



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