/PETBOT - Convert Plastic Bottle to PET Filament

With PETBOT - You can now convert PET#1 Plastic Bottles into Usable 3D Filament! 

  1. Finish your Favorite Refreshing Beverage.

  2. Clean the Bottle.

  3. Strip and Spool the Bottle.

  4. Spool Pull the Strip Through the Conversion Heated Nozzle.

  5. 3D Print your Next Project!


Buy A Petbot @ From Precious Plastics - Kickstarter Coming Soon!

Roman Neskashev
of NOVATECH Machines

Creator of Petbot and Owner of Novatech

With no more filament needed, PETBOT machine allows you to make filament out of PET Plastic Bottles.

All pics are 3D prints from bottles of different colors and brands, made by us and our customers.

Currently we have customers in USA, Austria, Romania, Portugal, and Canada.

Petbot - Created and Produced by Roman Neskashev @ https://novatechmachines.com/


BUY a Petbot here: https://bazar.preciousplastic.com/machines/extruder/extruder-fully-built/petbot/


PetBot - Recycle Soda Bottles into 3D PET Filament - Showcased by Josh @ JRT3D.com


Kickstarter Coming Soon!

Joshua R. Taylor of JRT3D.com

First USA User
Community Lead and Sales